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You Should NEVER Answer This One Question From An Unknown Caller

There's a new phone scam out there that everyone should be aware of.

People in several states have received similar calls where the person asks a simple question.

A question you don't even second guess answering, because it sounds so innocent.

But, it's not!

The question is, "Can you hear me?"

Most people, without thinking, will answer "yes," a statement the caller is looking for.

They can then take your statement and use it to authorize over the phone charges such as a phone, credit card, or utility payment.

According to the New York Post, a similar scam surfaced last year.

The phone scam last year asked questions like, "Are you the homeowner," and so on.

In light of the new phone scam, police have issued a warning. If you receive a call like this from an unknown caller, you should hang up on the caller phone immediately.



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