WATCH: 4 Yr Old Sings Amazing Duet With Her Dad

O. M. G.  I love this.

You do not need to be a parent to appreciate this adorable and amazingly well done father/daughter duet!

Meet Claire Crosby and her dad Dave from Seattle, Washington, who are no strangers to singing together AND no strangers to the internet.  They have been doing Disney duets together for well over a year now and have plenty of material on their YouTube channel but this perfectly effortless rendition of Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me" from Toy Story is definitely a stand out.  Her little voice is nothing less than pitch perfect and her timing is brilliant.

I hope you enjoy this as much as did.   Such a wonderful break from politics, wouldn't you say?


You've Got a Friend In Me - LIVE Performance by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and Dad

We have a studio recorded version of this song, but wanted to do a LIVE cover of it!