Boch Studio: Dropkick Murphys Interview & Performance

The title says it all, 11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory.  What you don't know until you dig deeper into the Dropkick Murphys new album, is that it sure does cover it all.  From the opioid epidemic, to the Boston Marathon bombings, their new effort is as heartfelt as it is personal.  Now by heartfelt I do not mean sad and sappy, more like blatant and hopeful and even a little raucous (Dropkicks style)!  And who better to spread the message of fight and survival than our good friends and close neighbors, The Dropkick Murphys?

I loved speaking to them here, mostly because Ken Casey especially, is so easy to hand the ball off to, but also because they speak what they feel which also resonates in their music.  I learned that they are particularly active in the recovery community through their Claddagh Fund Charity and I learned that their band brother Al Barr lost his brother in law to an overdose.  Ken explains in the interview below, that this is personal.

"I've been to 50 or more wakes of friends, family and neighbors who have died from addiction"


Of course loss and struggle are 2 of the themes in the 11 short stories they have created in this new album but so is the hope for respect and the possibility of redemption.  Plus thanks to the songs all having a stomp your feet, fist pumping vibe it promises not to be depressing.  Just real.  Like the band themselves.  Larger than life, the perfect fellas to deliver all 11 of these short stories.

Check out their recent visit to Boch Studio below (Ernie Boch Jr., friend to Alt 92.9 as well as the Dropkick Murphys and a faithful donor of their Claddah Fund, was actually part of our small studio audience and even helped give away free tickets to the Dropkick's Agganis show this March) with me, their biggest fan.  Enjoy!