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Spoil Your Pet, Grab One Of These Items

Your pet is a furry family member. They’re your four-legged baby, and should certainly be treated as such. When you really want to spoil your dog or cat, grab them one of these over-the-top and totally adorable items. Your friends may think you’re crazy. Your significant other may question your purchases. But deep down you know it’s totally worth it:

A DJ scratching pad

Sure, you could give your cat a boring old scratching post. But that’s something a “normal” cat owner would do. Instead, help your kitty pursue their dream of being a world-renowned DJ when you gift them with this scratch pad that looks like a DJ’s turntables. Added bonus: you’ll get hours of amusement as you watch them use it.

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A laser cat toy

If you don’t have time to sit and play with your cat, keep him entertained with this rotating laser. The toy comes with different speeds and play combinations, plus it runs on a timer.

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A dog pool float

You know your pooch wants to spend time with the rest of the family in the pool this summer, but paddling around gets tiring after a while. Instead, grab them one of these floats and let them enjoy lounging with the rest of their family. Choose from a variety of colors to match their personality.

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A pair of boots

When it gets slushy out, you don’t want your poor pup to be dealing with wet paws and she tries to do her business. Snag her a pair of these stylish rain boots to keep her safe from wet conditions while allowing her to look like the picture of sophistication at the same time.

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A dog treadmill

If your dog could stand to shed a few pounds (who couldn’t?), help them on their weight loss journey by snagging them one of these treadmills made especially for canines. They’re available for small, medium, and large dogs, and are the perfect way to keep your pooch active year-round.

Treadmill Workouts are Great for Laggers & Leash Pullers

Kerry Fisher DVM with Lucy on DogTread Dog Treadmill


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