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6 Nicolas Cage Items On Etsy That Will Make You Laugh

Nicolas Cage celebrates his 53rd birthday today (January 7), and over the course of his career, he’s turned into one of the most meme-worthy actors on the Internet.

Naturally, people have taken his very expressive face and paid tribute to him in a variety of ways. One sweep of Etsy provides such an absurd amount of Nic Cage merchandise that we assembled our favorites in the list below.


Nicolas Cage Cameo Necklaces

We don’t even know which photo option we love the most.



Nicolas Cage Greeting Card

With Valentine’s Day next month, what better way to express your love than by telling your significant other, “You’re my national treasure!”


Nicolas Cage Nail Decals

Imagine giving someone the finger with Nic f*cking Cage on your finger nail!


Nicolas Cage Rubber Stamp

We desperately hope some scrapbooker has this or a really strange teacher uses this when grading papers.


Nicolas Cage/Mona Lisa Phone Case

It’s equal parts blasphemous AND a conversation starter!


Nicolas Cage Skirt

If you stare long enough into this skirt, it has an almost hypnotic effect. Seriously, give it a shot.


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