TechBuzz: CES 2017's Coolest Gadgets

Phones with dual sims, devices that turn your regular laptop into a touch screen, you name it! They've got it!

After scanning through the newest set of the coolest things from CES 2017 (for those who non-nerd speak, Consumer Technology Association's Las Vegas Exhibition), here are our favorite tech items that could and will be coming your way.


AirBar | $69

The Daily Dot on Twitter

This $100 add-on from @neonodeairbar brings touch functionality to the MacBook Air:

*Wiggles fingers toward your face* The future is HEREEEEE! This cool thing called AirBar literally attaches to your laptop screen, plugs into your USB Port, and beams a light onto your laptop screen that enables you to turn your regular laptop into a touch screen laptop. We're sure this isn't a bigger thing, since it was released in 2015, because the main consumer products want us to buy touch screen devices, but this is a little hack to get around that. They started off with aa 15.6, but 14.0 and 13.3 sizes are coming soon.

Lenovo Legion Y720 Gaming Laptop | $1,399

David Papp on Twitter

Lenovo's Legion Y720 is a laptop designed specifically for virtual reality

This $1,399 gaming laptop works with Dolby Atmos sound, and has found a way to integrate an Xbox One controller, and is designed to withstand virtual reality. CNET's critics say that the Nvidia 1050 graphics chip won't work with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive (the next product on our list), which works with more higher end models. But for your run of the mill gamer, this is a cost effective, thin, and not $9,000 gaming laptop they can afford.


HTC Vive | $249 on Twitter

Go wireless with the HTC Vive's TPCast attachment, due out everywhere soon

You won't be able to get your hands on this device until the second quarter of the year, but it seems well worth it! The kit is a wireless set up to make it easier to wear according to New Atlas, as well as noting that you will be able to use many objects as a controller / gamepad. HTC has now added a new Deluxe Audio Strap (Read: Headphones), but the caveat is that wireless adapter is an accessory (Read: More Money).  However, not being attached to cords and cords being there to trip over is probably worth the extra cost.


Smart Dog Collar | Pre-Order $149, Regular Price $199

DW - Business on Twitter

A smart #dog collar ???? an intelligent walking stick ???? and a loudspeaker scarf ???? #CES2017 shows gadgets directly after graduating #tech

The dog collar is supposed to note your pet's mood, when your dog is eating, drinking, and sleeping. The product, Link AKC Smart Collar also has GPS tracking and location, the right level of activity for the dog's breed and size, as well as determine if the dog is too hot or too cold int heir environment, according to their website. There is also a monthly service cost added to the cost of the hardware of $6.95 a month for a 2 year plan.


Misfit Vapor | $199

The Wearable Guru on Twitter

Wareable | @Misfit Vapor is an Understated Sports Smartwatch Contender #WearableTech #Wearables #CES2017

Move over, FitBit. This is the newest and deemed "best" fitness tracker according to ARS Technica. Heart rate monitor, GPS tracker, music storage, and it's got it's own operating system. It's got it's own digital touch screen, an accelerometer, altimeter, gyroscope, and includes outdoor exercises that will pull based on GPS maps, running and cycling routes. It's got Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and lasts two days on a single charge, according to ARS Technica, so it's more less chasing (and just might be neck-and-neck) with the Apple Watch. It will not be available till later 2017, but it's something to definitely keep tabs on for future wearables.



LG Signature OLED TV | TBD

Bill Ballentine on Twitter

CES 2017: LG launches super-thin 'wallpaper' Ultra HD OLED TV via @billballentine


Probably the thinnest TV you'll ever see. It's basically a thin slab on a wall, with HDR Dolby Vision, 4K viewing. So basically, your dream TV. Unless you live in a place with earthquakes. Pricing has not been specified but you can sign up for updates on LG's website.


Polaroid Pop | TBD

Polaroid on Twitter

Want to learn more about the NEW Polaroid Pop instant digital camera? ???? Sign up for email updates: ???? #CES2017


I guess Polaroid realized that Fujifilm was stealing their glory and decided to kick off a new version of the Polaroid, which brings back the 3x4 module. The camera has a touch screen just under 4 inches, and is a crop sensor 20-Megapixel camera (which is better than most cameras, save for SLRs). It also has 1080P Full HD and the images and videos are also stored on an SD card. So rather than shoot, print, and lose, you've got the best of both worlds. The camera also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Chips.  The camera is not out yet, nor is the price being released sas of right now, but the company said, according to, that it would be on the shelves at the end of the year.


What's your favorite? Did we miss some tech you love? Let us know in the comments!


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