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Oh Boy... They Are Doing Another 'Ring' Film

Oh, hello again, creepy little girl from the well. You're back again to haunt us!

As if Ring and Ring 2 weren't enough, the little girl in the well has returned to try and claim another. It looks like Samara has returned in the form of a YouTube video, and crawls through a TV.

The story shared on YouTube says that the newest plot is that the female lead becomes worried about her boyfriend when he starts to explore a myth of a mysterious videotape that kills the watcher after 7 days of viewing it. She ends up watching it instead of her boyfriend, and discovers there's more to the story than what has been seen before.

Oddly enough, the credits list Johnny Galecki of The Big Bang Theory, so maybe he's the boyfriend? That could get interesting.

Watch the trailer here:

Rings (2017) - New Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Watch the new movie trailer for Rings! Coming to theatres February 3, 2017. A new chapter in the beloved RING horror franchise. A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend when he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after he has viewed it.



Okay, officially creeped out again.


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