TechBuzz: iOS 10.2 Features Emojis Of Bowie, Black Hearts, and Bacon

For those of you who haven't gotten your iOS 10.2 update, you are in for a real treat: TONS OF NEW EMOJIS. 

Personally, I don't know what I'm more excited for: The David Bowie inspired boy and girl, the ultimate heart of them all: A BLACK ONE (for your dark, broody needs), or Bacon, because everything is better with Bacon.

Also, a runner up for excitement, an Avocado. Because, really, Avocados are just a step behind bacon.

Someone on Twitter took the liberty of taking screenshots of each section for your viewing pleasure.

10 abbys a leaping on Twitter

for all of you asking what the iOS 10.2 emojis look like, here they are


Less Hyped Features of iOS 10.2:

A new TV app, which (according to Forbes) condenses your TV watching app logins into one section -  so if you have Starsz, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, and more, you will be able to log in through one app. Some of the other platforms that are included are the TV streaming apps for ABC or the CW, and for you nerd-licous lovers out there, Crunchyroll. You will also be able to buy, rent, and watch your movies in this application.

Forbes also shares that you will also be able to preserve settings for your photos by choosing Settings > Photos & Camera > Preserve Settings to hold your favorite set up in place as the default.


Go on, iPhone wit cho bad self.


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