WATCH: Interview - WEEZER 1994

Funny story.  I've been a Weezer fan from the very start.  When the Blue Album arrived I was a happy happy music geek.  The simplicity of "In The Garage" is nothing short of greatness (acoustic version recorded live is below).  So as I've been preparing for Weezer's Boston visit to our humble Brighton Music Hall for their Alt 92.9 Songs and Stories performance this Friday I was trolling for some cool old Weezer video.  I found this gem and my mind was just about blown.

When the interviewer asks Brian Bell:

"where did you find those freaks who are on the cover"

I thought, oh she's being funny, because that's the band on the cover.  But when Brian goes on to answer the question,  my mind was blown for a second and I said to myself,

"wait, you mean those guys aren't the members of Weezer?  The guys on the Blue Album are all look a likes? You mean for 22 years I thought that was the BAND and it's NOT?  

Then I stopped sniffing the glue at my desk and realized I was losing my mind.  No that's them, I have been right all along.  Whew!!  Blonde moment over.

At any rate this is a bizarre little interview that is cool if only because it features a very young Rivers and Brian Bell.

If YOU have questions to ask the band, submit them on social media with #AskWEEZER929 and we will submit them to the band as material come Friday when we welcome Weezer for our Songs and Stories performance at the BMH.



Weezer 1994 Public Access TV interview part 1/2

Stephanie from "Sideshow" interviews Rivers & Brian shortly after the release of the blue album in 1994.

Weezer "In The Garage" (acoustic)

Weezer performing "In The Garage" at Criminal Records , Atlanta GA circa 1994 Check out, our website and search my channel for more Criminal Records in-store performances.