TechBuzz: Could OLED Screens Be Coming To iPhone?

The thing you probably didn't know you needed might be a reality with the next iPhone upgrade. 

As rumors always tend to happen after a recent iPhone release, it seems that The Wall Street Journal has caught wind that "Apple Inc.’s suppliers say they have been asked to increase output of thinner organic light-emitting displays and submit prototype screens with better resolution," which would mean OLED screens.

For those who don't know, OLEDs are A, more expensive, but B, have better contrast and clarity, and are thinner, according to Arstechnica.

What creates this thin-ness, is that LCDs need backlighting or liquid crystal, making the thickness intense, but other manufacturers have already used OLEDs in phones like Samsung.

Arstechnica also reports that the iPhone 7 isn't selling like hotcakes, and is still so similar to it's predecessor, the 6 and 6S, with the exception of the dual camera lenses, so to really make a huge change that would impact the phone, the OLED might be the way to go.

The iPhone is about to be 10 after all, shouldn't it get a more intense makeover?

(Photo by Stephen Lam/ Getty Images)
(Photo by Stephen Lam/ Getty Images)


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