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Margot Robbie Will Change Harley Quinn's Image For Her Spin-Off

Yeah, we're sure that you've seen a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume since we're still pretty fresh off Halloween. 

Well, come to find out, even Margot Robbie wasn't cool with the skimpy hot pants. Movie Pilot shares that Robbie told The New York Times that it was a super self-conscious time on set.

"As Margot, no, I don’t like wearing that. I’m eating burgers at lunchtime, and then you go do a scene where you’re hosed down and soaking wet in a white T-shirt, it’s so clingy and you’re self-conscious about it."

She went on to say that she's not wearing the hot pants next time, and we're sure she's going to call the shots on that - because she's been named an executive producer on the upcoming solo film they have planned for Harley Quinn.

It'll be interesting to see what Margot comes up with - or if she will go back to more of a classic Harley Quinn look for the spin-off.

The Extended Cut of Suicide Squad is available digitally on sites like Amazon, but from what the reviews are saying, still left people wanting a more solid storyline.

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