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Kim Thayil On How Soundgarden Works Around Other Projects

Though its members are spread out in various other projects, Soundgarden is most definitely planning a follow-up to its 2012 comeback album King Animal.

Guitarist Kim Thayil gave us an update, explaining that the Seattle quartet has been working whenever time allows:

"That's been put on hold a bit because of the past year's seen a lot of touring commitment for Matt (Cameron) for Pearl Jam and Chris (Cornell) with his solo tour promoting ‘Higher Truth,’ and now this short little bit of Temple of the Dog touring. In between that, when everyone's available, we've gotten together at least three times for these week-long sessions of songwriting and jamming and rehearsing. So we've probably got a good dozen or so songs that are sort of demos, maybe half a dozen that are further along and maybe a little more complete than others...Once we get maybe another eight or nine songs, we have a good body of work, then we'll start going through it and see what we really enjoy playing and we'll get into the studio to make that record. We hope to do that sometime soon."


Soundgarden has just released deluxe edition reissues of its third studio album, Badmotorfinger, outfitted with unreleased material, including a full live show recorded and filmed at Seattle's Paramount Theatre.


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