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Mixed Reports Emerge About EODM’s Jesse Hughes At Le Bataclan Reopening

This past weekend marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks on Paris that included the music venue Le Bataclan, which resulted in the deaths of 89 attendees at an Eagles of Death Metal concert. Sting performed at the club’s reopening show on Saturday night, but his performance hasn’t been getting the most attention from over the weekend.

Multiple reports have surfaced around EODM frontman Jesse Hughes and whether he was thrown out of Le Bataclan during the Sting performance.

Per AFP, Le Bataclan co-director Jules Frutos said, “They came, I threw them out – there are things you can’t forgive.”  Frutos was referring to Hughes’ comments has made to the press accusing Le Bataclan security of known about the attack in advance, which hasn’t been proven.

As for the EODM camp, they were singing a completely different tune with the band’s management releasing the following statement via Billboard:

“This day is not about Jesse Hughes or Eagles of Death Metal. In fact, Jesse is in Paris to share in remembering the tragic events of a year ago with his friends, family and fans. This is about recalling the tragic loss of life that happened right in front of his eyes during his show, and this coward Jules Frutos feels the need to soil his own club’s reopening by spreading false tales to the press, and tainting a wonderful opportunity that could’ve been used to spread peace and love, to further spread mean spirited words of hate. Jesse never even tried entering the club for Sting’s show tonight.”


Whatever happened, we hope Le Bataclan and EODM work it out.  It would be a shame for there to be tension considering the venue and band will be forever tied together in history.

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock reporter. The first man she ever loved was Jack Daniels.  True story.