Dave Grohl Talks About Nirvana In New Clip From The Smart Studios Story

A clip from the documentary about Butch Vig and Steve Marker’s famous studio, The Smart Studios Story, surfaced on Pitchfork this past week.

The legendary studio is famous for defining the sound of grunge in the early ’90s, and the latest clip shows many things, including Dave Grohl discussing the way Vig’s production approach greatly shaped Nirvana’s sound during the band’s pre-Nevermind sessions in April of 1990.

Pitchfork Exclusive Clip - The Smart Studios Story: "Tad, Seattle, Nirvana, Bootlegs"

"Smart and The Butch Vig Connection: Seattle, WA meets Madison, WI" The second half of the film shares the never-before-told backstory of Nirvana's connection to Butch Vig in Madison through Sub Pop Records in Seattle. After the label's owner, Jonathan Poneman heard Killdozer's Twelve Point Buck, he began sending projects to the small, unassuming studio in the Midwest.