In Other Rock News…(October 27th)

Green Day, System of a Down and Dave Grohl make up the October 27th edition of "In Other Rock News..."  Enjoy!


Green Day Set To Rock The AMAs

Well, how about that?  A rock band is appearing on the 2016 American Music Awards this year!

Per Billboard, Green Day have been confirmed for a performance at the AMAs, which will be airing live on November 20th on ABC.  Twenty One Pilots have also be confirmed, so there will actually be two non-pop/hip-hop acts performing.  Sound the alarm!  Someone at ABC has clearly lost it!


WATCH: Elders React to System of a Down

Reaction videos are the best, especially seniors reacting to “music these days.”  Check out the clip below of “Elders React to System of a Down.”  (Side note: Our favorite elder is Catherine.)


SYSTEM OF A DOWN bonus reaction video on the React Channel! Check out System of a Down! Subscribe to FBE! New videos every week! Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/Adults/YouTubers): The Elders each react to SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Watch to see their reaction!


VIDEO: Dave Grohl in The Smart Studios Story

Finally, a new documentary chronicling Butch Vig and Steve Marker’s famed Smart Studios will be coming out November 25thThe Smart Studios Story will feature commentary from many artists, including Dave Grohl who talks about when he first joined Nirvana and heard their demo that was recorded there in the clip below.

Pitchfork Exclusive Clip - The Smart Studios Story: "Tad, Seattle, Nirvana, Bootlegs"

"Smart and The Butch Vig Connection: Seattle, WA meets Madison, WI" The second half of the film shares the never-before-told backstory of Nirvana's connection to Butch Vig in Madison through Sub Pop Records in Seattle. After the label's owner, Jonathan Poneman heard Killdozer's Twelve Point Buck, he began sending projects to the small, unassuming studio in the Midwest.



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