WATCH: Welcome Home Tom Brady - Amy Brooks

This is nothing if not a thing of beauty.  I saw this video on the jumbo-tron in real time from section 120 on Sunday's game against Cincinatti, Tom Brady's homecoming, and seeing the 68,000 who filled Gillette Stadium with their wet eyes cheering for their savior, was truly amazing.   Grown men, weeping at the return of their master!  Ha!

This music sure makes the statement.   Excalibur style.  I mean you couldn't have cut the drama even with a chain saw, and as the music swells the importance of it all becomes real, Brady's back.  I was unaware that you guys at home weren't privy to this tremendous production.  EVERYONE in that stadium had goosebumps the size of elephants.

Did I mention?  The music makes it.

-Amy Brooks

Carmina Burana: O Fortuna

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Welcome home, TB12.