My Awkwardness Holding This RHCP Signed Guitar - Amy Brooks

I'm awkward and I look ridiculous holding this guitar, I know.  I love music and appreciate it as much, if not more, than anyone.  However, holding an instrument in my hands feels just like I'd imagine a 40 year old virgin would feel (notice how I say "I'd imagine"?)   Here is the reason behind my glaring awkwardness.

When I was in 6th grade my mom had me taking violin lessons (why Mom, why?).  One day after my lesson, the teacher walked out to my mom's car and leaned into the window as I stood out of ear shot.  My uninspiring teacher told my mother that due to a "lack of hand eye coordination" she was certain that the "violin just isn't for Amy."  

Mothers' roles in life are to defend their children above all else and at all costs and my mother was no different.  Dotty became a fast thinking mother bear that cold winter evening.  Digging deep into her gray matter for a witty and lasting response to my violin nazi's accusation, my mother finally said;

"Well, Amy is a very good soccer player, so she must have excellent foot-eye coordination then"  hmmmph.

My mother was so proud of this retort that after I climbed into the back of her vinyl seated boat of a Buick she decided to tell me about their entire exchange, which did 2 things.  1) It made me feel vindicated as I believe my mother also felt, plus I was relieved, I mean hey! I never had to pick up the violin AGAIN!  Yippee!  But 2) it also served as a dream crusher to any and all music aspirations I may have had.  Thus, the reason why I look and feel so damn awkward just touching a musical instrument.  (I did however, go on to play Div 1 soccer for UNH! Inspiration comes in many forms, mine came in the form of a dis from my violin teacher).

Who need the vioin? On this list of UNH soccer lettermen, I am the 22nd name listed under the B's, Amy Brimblecom.
Who needs the vioin? On this list of UNH soccer lettermen, I am the 22nd name listed under the B's, Amy Brimblecom.

Since that day I have come to realize that not all people are made to do any and all things that they may want to. (which goes against the core of almost all inspirational speeches, "you can do anything you put your mind to!"). No. Instead, as a realist I call bullshit to that.

But HEY!  That's ok!  I simply leave it to the pros for certain things and I embrace my own skills and talents and I blaze through life that way, appreciating any and all things that I can't do but others can.  (Now to actually figure out what that one thing is that I'm good at?  Lol)

On that note.  No matter if you are a prolific guitarist or just admire them (as I do) this little number will look great hanging on your wall, signed by one of the most successful rock bands of our generation, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

So enter here to win tickets to one of their 2 Boston shows this February and we will throw in this amazing guitar as a bonus gift.

Perhaps my little story will even inspire you to learn to play!  (Or perhaps it will make you realize your potential to try something else) 😉

Rock on.

-Amy Brooks