Marvel Fans: Luke Cage Is Now Live On Netflix

Today is the day! We're finally here! Luke Cage is now on Netflix! 

We're so psyched to dive into this Marvel world that is Luke Cage. We've been obsessed with his character since watching Jessica Jones, and now we get to learn about his story. Many have been questioning, how Luke's life will be different and if it's a pre or post Jessica Jones world.

Mike Colter shared back in 2015 to what the significance would be leading into Luke Cage from Jessica Jones, as it is not a prequel:

"I can tell you what they’ve allowed me to, which is basically, Luke Cage will take place a few months after Jessica Jones... So in real time, if you watch Jessica Jones, you’ll find [at the end] Luke Cage uptown in Harlem, working, trying to make ends meet. Luke Cage really hasn’t figured out what he’s doing. He’s tending bar, he’s bouncing around. And for good reason, he’s a fugitive, he has some skeletons in his closet … He’s trying to basically stay off the radar."


We're sure if you're still at work, you can't binge watch your Netflix, so for now, here's some of the production stills to cut your teeth on until you can wiggle yourself under blankets with some popcorn. Enjoy!