WATCH Green Day Kick Off Club Tour In OH

Given the choice of watching two politicians, whom no one particularly likes, hammer each other publicly or seeing Green Day live in a nightclub debut two of their newest songs, what would you do?   There really is no contest, is there?  I only wish they were in Boston last night so I could've had the choice.

Green Day kicked off their North American Nightclub Revolution Radio tour last night (after postponing 3 shows due to illnesses in the band and crew) at the 1,700-capacity Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio. And all reports are that they started with a BANG.  (or a "Bang Bang" if you will).

Their lead single (the somewhat controversial) "Bang Bang" from the upcoming album Revolution Radio started the set, followed by the album’s title track.  From there, Green Day gave the crowd a thorough visit through the years of the bands best stuff and even threw in a Stones-Beatles medley: “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Revolution.”

Full set list below...

Revolution Radio comes out October 7.

-Amy Brooks

Watch Green Day kick off their opening show with "Bang Bang" below:


Green Day Bang Bang Live for the first time Columbus Ohio 9-26-16

Green Day Bang Bang Live for the first time Columbus Ohio 9-26-16

'Bang Bang'
'Revolution Radio'
'Know Your Enemy'
'2000 Light Years Away'
'Welcome To Paradise'
'Christie Road'
'Hitchin' A Ride'
'Are We The Waiting'
'St Jimmy'
'When I Come Around'
'Basket Case'
'King For A Day'
'Shout'/'(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'/'Hey Jude'
'American Idiot'
'Jesus Of Suburbia'
'Ordinary World (Acoustic)'
'Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (Acoustic)'