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There Will Be A Metallica Tour

With all the news about Metallica’s new album lately, there’s one other pressing issue that fans in the United States are eagerly waiting for:  Upcoming tour dates.

Fear not, fans!  In a recent conversation with WRIF’s Meltdown, guitarist Kirk Hammett indicates that an announcement is nigh and the tour should be pretty extensive:

“We intend on playing and getting to as many places as possible, and we’re trying to hit all the major cosmopolitan cities all over the world.  We have a large handful of dates that are reserved for the states, which is something we’re looking forward to, because we have not done a proper tour of the United States for a long time now.  We’re known for playing a show here and show there, and we’re also known for doing a small festival tour in Europe or Asia or Australia or South America.  But we really haven’t done very many shows in the States in the last six or seven years, so we’re really looking forward to getting out there and playing for our American fans.”


In other words:  Start saving your money now!

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