WATCH: Video Goes Viral - Mola In Marblehead

Part of my job is to troll the internet for some cool and interesting material to talk about on Alt 92.9.  I mean it's my job to be pretty up to date on music news, but the real challenge is trying to find live and local human interest stories that are more that a step above a picture of the guacamole I had last night.  Well I found it, in the shape of a giant Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish...but that's not all I found.


While everyone in New England is freaking out about the Great White Shark pings up and down the National Seashore, there's a gentle, however HUGE, crazy looking, silvery, giant fish coming up for air right off the coast of Marblehead. And as I was marveling at the video of this cool fish, which has now gone viral, I said,

No F**king Way! Rick Cuzner?! I know RICK!!

Just when you think you know some one (he's the best friend of my best friend's brother, 3 degrees of separation), you learn something new about them. He's actually an incredible photographer and naturalist. I knew he liked to fish but Rick the artist?  So I see this video and I decide to dive a little deeper (pun intended) into the interesting world of Rick Cuzner.

Here's what I know, he's a father of 2 wonderful girls, he's married to an incredible woman (hi Julie!) he's a great skier, a fabulous friend, super fun, throws 'em back with no effort and he loves to fish.  Here's what I didn't know, he's a nature aficionado!  Wakes up early, trudges through the "wilds" of Marblehead and Swampscott and takes the most gorgeous pictures of owls (young and old), hawks, hummingbirds, otters etc etc.  He has a Great Blue Herron or two on his watch and he takes great videos like this, of his newest appreciation, an ocean sunfish, also known as a Mola Mola, which seemed to bob by his boat with a wink.

And that's the whole of this story, Rick is that kind of guy, he's your friend right away.  He's aware and he pays attention.  He obviously cares about the creatures he finds.  He loves the ocean and he clearly loves everything in it.  This Ocean Sunfish looks to be greeting him, like an old friend, because he probably is one.  Rick Cuzner: Mola Mola Whisperer!  Don't tell me animals don't know a soul who appreciates them, "Hey, look!  There's Rick."

Rick Cuzner - Ocean Sunfish off the coast of Marblehead... | Facebook

Ocean Sunfish off the coast of Marblehead this morning

Rick told our mutual friend Holly who lives in Marblehead, that he works so hard taking pictures of wildlife with amazing expensive equipment and his 15 minutes of fame comes from a video taken with a cell phone.

Nice job Rick, your ADD has given you the edge of pursuit and it's paid off!  😉

They have finally retired the guy from the long time running Dos Equis ad campaign, so the job for the most interesting man in the world is available, and my friend, I think you're a lock.


-Amy Brooks

Rick Cuzner

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