In Other Rock News…(August 24th)

Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nickelback make up the August 24th installment of “In Other Rock News…”  Enjoy!

WATCH:  Dennis Rodman Craddles Eddie Vedder Like A Little Baby!

Pearl Jam are no strangers to having special guests show up on stage, and their August 22nd show at Chicago’s Wrigley Field was no exception.  Check out Chicago Bulls legend Dennis Rodman join the band on stage during their performance of “Black, Red, Yellow” and then hold Eddie Vedder like the precious little imp he is.  (Side note:  We forgot just how tall Rodman was until we saw him tower over Vedder.)

Pearl Jam - Black, Red, Yellow (w/Dennis Rodman) - Wrigley Field (August 22, 2016)

Wrigley Field, Chicago


Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Doesn’t Think Very Highly Of RHCP

You know who’s not going to any Red Hot Chili Peppers shows anytime soon?  Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld!

The co-host for The Five didn’t hold back his thoughts on the band when showing the now viral video of Koko the gorilla playing Flea’s bass.  The worst of his insults?  Calling RHCP a “poor man’s Faith No More.”  Yikes!  Hope Koko doesn’t hear about that insult.  We’re sure she wouldn’t take to kindly to Gutfeld’s words.

FOX News' Greg Gutfeld Mocks Red Hot Chili Peppers

Over the weekend, we watched Red Hot Chili Peppers' own Flea give Koko the Gorilla private bass lessons. While most considered the clip a fun, cute, and harmless gesture, the cultural mavens over at Fox News saw it as an opportunity to trash talk the alt-rockers.


LISTEN:  Nickelback’s Cover Of Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”

Finally, Nickelback surprised fans by releasing a cover of the Don Henley solo track “Dirty Laundry.”  According to a statement on their website, the band was in the middle of recording some new material and “decided to have some fun and play one of their favorite songs.”  (Sure hope they got Henley’s permission to release the cover, because he DOES NOT take too kindly to people sampling or covering him without his approval.)  Either way, Nickelback’s cover doesn’t stray too far from the original, but we think they did a pretty good job!

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry, an album by Nickelback on Spotify



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