GROSS: Angry Baboon Throws His Poop, Hits Girl In Face

A family outing at Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina, turned from a fun summer day to absolutely disgusting when an angry baboon threw its feces on a family, right through the bars of the cage (nice shot monkey!)

Almost as good as the event itself, is the Dad's reaction ("holy sh*t") as well as the little girl's reaction (she was, I believe, in complete shock as seen in her silence).

As a parent this video is outrageous because as shocking as it is to have a baboon chuck his own feces at you, it's also an "I can easily see that happening to my kid" moment.

Tell me this girl will ever go to the zoo again.

And perhaps a reminder that wild animals don't like us because we put them in cages and we make gestures at them.




Angry Baboon Monkey Smacks little Girls in the Face with Poop :))

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