Deflategate Is Over: 545 Days Later

Tom Brady announced in a Facebook message on Friday that he will drop the appeal of his four-game Deflategate suspension.  Man.  That sucks.  I ultimately knew this was going to happen and get it, it HAD to go this way. The power hungry, ego-maniacal Roger  Goodell who was allowed the sole power to hand out punishments and suspensions for players set his punishment for Tom and it was rock solid, iron clad and written in stone.  That doesn't change the fact that I feel a little like there has been a death in the family.

But why?  Because the good guys didn't win? Because we have survivors guilt?  Or maybe because for over a year and a half THIS is a topic we have woven into our almost daily lives and now, poof it's over.  Hoist up the white flag.  Tom and his team (both Patriots and lawyers) have exhausted just about every option, and they've conceded.  Tom will be serving his completely unjust 4 game suspension. Roger Goodell's maddeningly abuse of power wins, as bogus as that is.  It just never seemed like that would ever really happen. Nah.  Couldn't be that unfair, or could it?

Here's the whole thing broken down for your viewing displeasure.

-Amy Brooks

Tom Brady accepts four-game suspension for Deflategate

Tom Brady announced he will not appeal his legal case against the NFL any further, leaving his four-game suspension for his purported role in the Deflategate scandal intact to start the 2016 NFL season.