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'Pokemon Go' - Now With Robberies!

This is why we can't have nice things. 

So, the nerd world finally clawed it's way out of the little mole hole in the ground and took it upon themselves to go outside, bury their faces in their smartphones, and start walking. It's probably the most active that self-proclaimed nerds have had in a while.

For those who are unaware, if you've been seeing many people walking around like they are lost, walking down random roads and have their faces buried in their phones more than usual, no, they aren't texting. They are playing a Smartphone / augmented reality game from the makers of Pokemon called Pokemon Go.

radioc00per on Twitter

I mean...pic.twitter.com/Zb6J4R22Bf

The 90's are alive and well, ladies and gentleman.

But with great excitement, power, and more comes great responsibility and downfall. Though we're still waiting on there to be a report of someone walking into oncoming traffic with the video game to their noses, we've got our first downside:

People are being robbed at the Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops on the map. 

For those who do not understand a "Pokemon Gym" or a "PokeStop," it is a permanent location that GPS coordinate has planted at a specific location, in which you can battle your Pokemon to gain badges and/or items to play the game. You physically have to be in the location to gain access to this part of the game. Most of the time, these spots are businesses, but other times, they are parks, landmarks, churches, ect.

The suspects in custody in the particular robberies in St. Louis were 16-18 years of age, and were adding beacons called "lure modules," which is an item you pick up in a game that you can add to a PokeStop to lure more Pokemon, which, in turn, attracts more people.

Tampa Bay History on Twitter

So we are a PokeStop for @PokemonGoHub! We have slapped a lure module on it, and will be live tweeting today!pic.twitter.com/B8PJ0r7pEf

It's not just robbers that are getting in on the game. Business Owners are also purchasing lure modules to get people to their locations by adding lures to the nearest PokeStop. Considering that lures only cost 100 Pokemon Coins ($0.99 in the game), logically, that makes sense.

As if that wasn't bad enough - people are driving and trying to catch Pokemon, as well.

Parker Lewis on Twitter

Just got pulled over for playing Pokemon go the cop said he pulled three more people over before uspic.twitter.com/RJP9iSEjOk

C'mon guys. Be responsible! We'd get better behavior from Team Rocket than this!

Joseph Kocharian on Twitter

My resolution for 2015 is to join Team Rocket #Pokemonpic.twitter.com/1rs72e1NhA


... Maybe that was an exaggeration.

In other words, if you're Poke-ing around, keep a vigilant eye, and don't Poke and drive. It's dangerous.

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