TechBuzz: Is #PrimeDay Worth The Hype?

We get excited at deals just because they are deals. Isn't that the way? So is #PrimeDay, AKA, Sales Day for Amazon Prime users actually worth it?

July 12 is supposed to be one of the most loveliest times on the internet when it comes to being an Amazon Prime user: PRIME DAYS. So is it worth it? That's the main question. One we're about to weigh the pros and cons for:


Last Year, It Stunk:

According to C-Net, the "majority" of the sales were on Dollar-Store-Esque items, which made for all the frustrations, even coining the #PrimeDayFail hashtag.


Lots Of Items Coming Your Way:

According to Express.Co.UK, the deals will start from Midnight and will continue to go live every 5 minutes. At some point, there's bound to be something you want... Right?


Double The Amount:

OregonLive shares that there will be "twice the amount" of deals, and some of them will include some lightning deals, as well as items like Segways, Headphones, and other tech items.


Prime Subscribers Should Win On The Cheap:

Because with Prime, you're also able to stream "all of the things" - which means a lot of the new "Not Top Gear" Grand Tour show with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Rumor has it that Prime memberships purchases might also be cheaper to get access to all the deals.


Keep Tabs Using The Amazon App For Deal Notifications:

In your Amazon App, you can itemize what deals you want to know about, and it will alert you VIA Push Message. *REMINDER* - GO SPEND MONEY!


So basically, it's like a digital Black Friday / Cyber Monday, sort of situation - but it might be totally worth paying attention to if you're a techie.




Amy Cooper is a writer and pop, punk, and rock junkie, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”