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Lars Says He Didn’t Know Metallica Thought About Firing Him

Well…file this under “A,” for “Awkward.”

Part of Metallica lore includes the rumor that the band were close to kicking Lars Ulrich out of the band in 1986, and said rumor garnered more attention as of late with Scott Ian writing about it in his 2014 book I’m The Man and Kirk Hammett confirming it in an interview in November 2015 with PYX 106.  Turns out, Lars was completely unaware of his potential axing until now.

In an interview with Metal Forces, Lars said, “It’s certainly not something that I was ever aware of, but I can tell you that there’s been other times as we’ve cruised along where there’s been some friction with this band member or that band member, and where things were a little awkward with this particular guy, or whatever.”

Lars even goes a step further to say, “I’m sure Scott Ian knows something that I don’t, and I’m fine with that. It was just not something that was ever on my radar.”  He then playful says, “I make a point of not to read any of Kirk’s interviews.”

Once again, this all adds to the wonderful history of one of rock’s greatest bands.  C’mon…remember that there was even a point when Lars almost fronted the band!



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