Epic Fireworks Fails This 4th Of July

Did you make it out of 4th of July weekend alive?  Unscathed?  With all of your digits?  And by digits I do mean all 20 plus any other appendages you may have. Check out how some celebrated the holiday.

Here is the list of some epic fails this holiday weekend.

  1. Plymouth, MA where a malfunction in the electronic timing of the fireworks on 2 barges int he harbor is to blame for an incredibly dramatic show as so many went off at the same time and caused not only an early ending to the firework show, but a huge fireball! Good thing everyone including those working the barges were far enough away and no injuries were reported.  People were cheering but now in the aftermath, Plymouth officials are recommending that we stay away from all area beaches because of the unexploded fireworks washing up on shore.  Epic Fail.

    Mike Saccone on Twitter

    VIDEO: All the fireworks in Plymouth appear to have exploded at once (Courtesy: Rob Moreau) #fox25pic.twitter.com/fn5psqxK78

  2. Chicago, IL A 39-year-old guy blew off part of his hand setting off fireworks over the weekend, nothing new there.  But wait, there's more...this story has a happy-ish ending.  A few hours later, one of his neighbors let her dog out in the yard, and the dog came back with the hand in his MOUTH. Good boy!  He found it about 250 feet away so it must've taken a hell of a blast for the hand to fly that far. The woman called 911, had the EMTs pick up the hand, doctors reattached it and now they wait to see how much function he has. Epic Fail.

    Man Blows Hand Off In Fireworks Accident, Dog Retrieves It

    A Chicago nurse was awoken Thursday afternoon by a large boom and a scream. CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports.

  3. Washington DC - At this year's "A Capitol Fourth" it was cloudy for the fireworks display so PBS who was airing the event, decided to pull a fast one on television viewers.  But Twitter blew up about how the night sky was so clear and that was when PBS confirmed that it was last year's footage. Doh! PBS tried to explain and tried to apologize (saying they were "sorry for any confusion this may have caused") but viewers weren't happy.  Can't blame them, really.  Sucks being lied to about anything, but perhaps not surprising for DC?  😉  Epic Fail. (Although, perhaps not as epic as getting your hand blown off and having a dog retrieve it).  

    Michael Horowicz on Twitter

    @July4thPBS Would've been cool if you had let your viewers know with little graphic on the screen that we're looking at file video. Why not?

    Happy Birthday America!