5 Things Chris Cornell Did In Worcester

I was literally shaking when I saw the news about Chris Cornell's passing.  We have lost one of rock's greatest voices, and one that truly defined an era.  Below is a re-cap of a show I was privileged enough to see last June.  Reading back on it makes me smile, but makes my heart hurt as I realize who we've lost.


Chris Cornell brought his Higher Truth Tour to Worcester's Hanover Theater.  If you're a fan of Chris on any level (and who isn't?) this is a MUST-SEE show.

In a nutshell, it's nearly 3 hours of acoustic takes on Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, Audioslave and Chris' solo material.  It's powerful, mellow, and mesmerizing...all at once.

Cornell enters
Chris Cornell walks onto the stage and pumps up the "Woostah" crowd.

Now, 5 things that Chris said/did that made us love him even more:

  1. Opened the show by pronouncing "Worcester" correctly!  (Not an easy feat for a West Coaster)  He then proceeded to say it sounds like a word you are slurring.  ("Hey officer, I'm from Wooooooster.")
  2.  Told the crowd that unlike other acoustic shows, where the artist wants you to be quiet, and not "hold phones up to their face," he didn't "give a f*** about that.  You paid your money.  Do what you want."  Much to the chagrin of the somewhat militant ushers telling people to stop taking pictures.
  3.  Covered Bob Dylan, Prince, The Bee Gees and took requests (and generally sounded flattered that people were asking for specific songs.)
  4. Played an incredible mashup of "One" by U2 AND Metallica.  (A previous version can be seen here.)
  5. Had fun with the loud, shouting, (and slightly drunk crowd) commenting on their "Unbridled Worcester Enthusiasm"

Cornell full stage

And if you want another perspective on an earlier show (and picture that will make you jealous,) see Amy Brooks' review of Chris' October show in Boston here.


-Ken West is the Program Director Of Radio 92.9.  He likes going to shows and long walks on the beach.  But mostly going to shows.