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Mark Hoppus Discusses The Legacy Of Blink-182

Mark Hoppus explains a post-Tom DeLonge Blink-182 as a "crucible of energy" in a new mini-documentary, The Drop

In the sake of California, Blink's new album with Matt Skiba (formerly of Alkaline Trio) is something that Hoppus talks passionately about in the video, but as far as "legacy" is concerned, there's probably one mention of DeLonge before he segways into the new hits with Skiba.

As Mark explains in the clip, the group has never wanted to become a "Greatest Hits" band, and are always striving to create new music. After the crowds fully accepted Skiba into the crew (Mark explains fans were chanting Matt's name before he even hit the stage), they jumped on the opportunity to create a new album

Hoppus shares in the clip the thought process on naming the album California:

 "All these people come to California with the dream and the possibility that anything can happen and does, but there's this also this weird, dark underside of living in Los Angeles and California that I like."

Though the new shift in Blink is bringing a new wave of fans and a new era of the band, it's interesting to see it evolve in the way it has, especially for 182 evangelists. Though it was different, at first to think of anyone resuming DeLonge's position in the band, now we're seeing it's for the best.

Plus, Tom's too busy with aliens right now.


The Drop - blink-182's California - Part 1

We begin our look at blink-182's new album, California, by chatting with Mark Hoppus about the band's evolving legacy. For more blink-182, including curated playlists, exclusive photos, and more, check out spotify.com/thedrop.


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