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Dave Grohl Calls Taylor Swift "Batman" - Find Out Why!

Dave Grohl's stories are the absolute best, because he's so genuine. 

One night at a party, (in which Dave may have smoked "a little"), Paul McCartney was playing the piano, jamming out, and was "blowing everyone's f***ing mind," and then everyone started egging Dave on to play a song.

Dave froze, because Paul is left handed, so all the guitars are left handed, and he doesn't play the piano. Then Taylor Swift pops up out of nowhere, and volunteers to play a song.

"Oh thank god, Taylor Swift is here... f***ing Batman when you need 'em," Dave says.

So Dave, in his state, grabs a bass, sits next to her, and was listening to Taylor play the piano, and couldn't identify the song initially... Until he realized she was playing "Best Of You," you know, his song.

Oh, Dave.

Watch him explain himself here before busting into an acoustic version of "Best Of You" at Cannes Lions 2016:

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl "Best of You" acoustic at Cannes Lions 2016

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