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Darth Vader Confirmed For 'Rouge One' W/ James Earl Jones

We can't even begin to describe the force within us that's geeking out with this one! 

Entertainment Weekly reveals that James Earl Jones will reprise his voice role for Star Wars: Rouge One, while a "variety" of performers will stand in as the character. It was also confirmed with LucasFilm according to EW that he will be in the film sparingly, but will "loom large" at a pivotal moment.

Given that JEJ hasn't reprises the role until now, this will bring a whole new series of Darth Vader fans into the mix as kids, teens (and let's face it, us adults) get our kicks seeing a new installment of Vader come to life.

For those thinking this is a bad idea, it's James Earl Jones, what could go wrong?

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The film is slated to release December 2016.


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