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7 Unreleased Nirvana Songs Leaked In Forum

A few, which were potentially written by Dave Grohl

"The Pachyderm Sessions," as these reels are called, were bought on eBay, with recordings that date back to February 15, 1993, according to Qevaz.

A couple were uploaded to YouTube as videos - so check it while you can. The instrumentals are pretty wild, sort of signalling the stylings of an early Dave, leading him into his Foo Fighter days.

The second demo shown, called "Lullaby" is a similar liking of The Doors, we agree with Qevaz on that one. It's sort of psychedelic, a little less hard rock than we're used to hearing from Nirvana.

Check out the tracks below:

NIRVANA - Dave Solo (previously unreleased 1993 02 15)

instrumental jam from Dave on all instruments recorded during IU. -- reddit.

Nirvana - Lullaby

Previously unreleased song known as "Lullaby" from Pachyderm Sessions (2/15/93)


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