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Flea Talks About The Story Behind RHCP’s New Album Cover

Red Hot Chili Peppers new album The Getaway, their first studio release in nearly five years, comes out today (June 17th), and among the many intriguing things about the album, there’s one question that many people (this writer included) want answered:  What’s up with that album cover?!

In a recent interview with Flea, WMMR’s Jaxon got to the bottom of this burning question, and the answer is rather poignant:

“I just found it, man.  I saw it somewhere…Every time I found a piece of artwork that I found interesting, I would send it to Anthony [Kiedis], and he and I would discuss it and stuff.  We just really connected with that one.  I love that it has a really warm feeling to me.  The thing I’m really excited about our band, as well as having this record and having this new fuel and new colors to work with, is the feeling of growth.  The band…it’s got to feel like it’s growing and changing to me for me to feel, ‘Yes!  I want to get out on the road and rock people’s worlds.’  In order to really sincerely have that feeling, because there’s no faking it from deep in my heart, that image feels that way to me.  Those people’s almost like they’re refugees going to a new place, y’know.”


For inquiring minds, the bear is drummer Chad Smith, the young girl is guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, the raven is singer Anthony Kiedis and Flea is the “high-stepping raccoon,” to quote the prolific bassist.

The Getaway is available at multiple brick-and-mortar and digital retailers, with special album bundles still available at

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