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Morello Headlining Tour In Protest Of Trans-Pacific Partnership

Tom Morello isn't waiting for Prophets of Rage's summer tour to start raising a ruckus.

The Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave and E Street Band veteran -- who recently launched Prophets with Rage Against the Machine bandmates Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, Cypress Hill MC B Real and Public Enemy's Chuck D and DJ Lord -- has announced plans for a tour opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement that was put into place earlier this year.

Morello, joined by Anti-Flag, Flobots, actress Evangeline Lilly and others, will begin their campaign -- billed as "a nationwide uprising and concert tour" -- on July 23 with a free show in Denver, with more shows to be announced soon. Fight For The Future, the digital rights organization that's co-producing the tour, calls the TPP a "toxic deal" that will harm middle class and working class Americans.

In a statement, Morello says, "The TPP is nothing short of a corporate takeover of our democracy. that's why people are rising to stop it. Corporate lobbyists want to sneak the TPP through Congress quietly; that means it's time for us to get loud." With Prophets of Rage, meanwhile, Morello will play a July 19 show in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention and launches a tour on August 19 in Fairfax, Va.

Morello tells us that while he obviously opposes Donald Trump's bid for the presidency, he's not necessarily falling in line with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, either:

"Yes, there are important differences between the two candidates, but I think the ruse is that you vote for the lesser of two evils and you sit back and cross your fingers. That's not how change happens. Somebody's in the White House, no matter who it is, and you have to confront them on their bulls*** and change the world whether they like it or not. It's not gonna come from them. It's just not. That's not what their job is. Their job is to change the world to improve it to varying degrees for the ruling class. And if you want something different, you have to do something."


Prophets of Rage is currently recording new music in Los Angeles with producer Brendan O'Brien, including a song called "The Party's Over."



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