WATCH: Daughter Interrupts Dave Grohl While Recording

Dave Grohl is one of the greatest rock n roll dads, I must say.  His daughter Violet wants to go swimming but her timing is off just a bit.  She is so adorable and he knows it.  His reaction of pure laughter is the greatest.

My favorite part is when he tries to continue playing (and let the band keep going), she puts her little hands on his face and turns his face to hers.  As a parent, I KNOW that drill!  And can't ALL of us parents relate to that?

It's an older video clip but worth a re-visit.  Check it out here:

And we will never know if THAT take was the ONE because they had to stop after her interruption.  (Butch Vig doesn't look all that amused but all of the other guys are cracking up)



Dave Grohl's Daughter Wants To Go Swimming

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