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Why The Best Way To Celebrate Dave Navarro Is To Watch ‘Mourning Son’

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro celebrates his 49th birthday today (June 7th), and if you really wanted to celebrate, you should check out the documentary Mourning Son.

Mourning Son, which features Navarro in the role of Executive Producer, chronicles the story of the 1983 murder of Navarro’s mother, Constance, bringing her murderer to justice and the struggles Navarro has dealt with since, including his well-documented issues with drug addiction.

We know what you’re thinking?  “Why should I watch something so incredibly heavy to ‘celebrate’ someone?”  The answer is simple:  To know Navarro is to learn about all of the tragedy he’s dealt with and overcome to still be here today.  If anything, you’ll likely have a newfound respect for the guitarist, too.

Mourning Son can be found on iTunes.

Mourning Son - Official Trailer HD (2016)

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