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Reissues from R.E.M., Faith No More On The Way

It seems like EVERYONE is reissuing albums these days, and it looks like R.E.M. and Faith No More are joining the party.

First up on July 29th are three vinyl reissues from R.E.M.:  1986’s Lifes Rich Pageant, 1987’s Dead Letter Office and 1988’s Eponymous.  All three titles will be housed in sleeves featuring the original album artwork and are available for pre-order at

A few weeks later on August 19th, Faith No More will be releasing a deluxe reissue of their 1985 debut album We Care A Lot.  Out of print for 20 years, We Care A Lot will also feature new mixes, demos and other live recordings.


R.E.M. – Reissue Track Listing

Lifes Rich Pageant

Side 1                                       Side 2

Begin The Begin                        The Flowers Of Guatemala

These Days                               I Believe

Fall On Me                                What If We Give It Away?

Cuyahoga                                 Just A Touch

Hyena                                       Swan Swan H

Underneath The Bunker              Superman


Dead Letter Office

Side 1                                       Side 2

Crazy                                        Wind Out

There She Goes Again               Ages Of You

Burning Down                           Pale Blue Eyes

Voice Of Harold                        Rotary Ten

Burning Hell                              Bandwagon

White Tornado                           Femme Fatale

Toys In The Attic                       Walter's Theme

King Of The Road



Side 1                                                               Side 2

Radio Free Europe [Original Hib-Tone Single]     Driver 8

Gardening At Night [Alternate Vocal Mix]            Romance

Talk About The Passion                                     Fall On Me

So. Central Rain                                                The One I Love

(Don't Go Back To) Rockville                             Finest Worksong [Mutual Drum Horn Mix]

Can't Get There From Here [Album Version]        It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)



Faith No More – We Care A Lot – Reissue Track List

  1. We Care A Lot
    2. The Jungle
    3. Mark Bowen
    4. Jim
    5. Why Do You Bother
    6. Greed
    7. Pills for Breakfast
    8. As The Worm Turns
    9. Arabian Disco
    10. New Beginnings
    11. We Care A Lot – 2016 Mix
    12. Pills for Breakfast – 2016 Mix
    13. As The Worm Turns – 2016 Mix
    14. Greed – Original Demo
    15. Mark Bowen – Original Demo
    16. Arabian Disco – Original Demo
    17. Intro – Original Demo
    18. The Jungle – I-Beam, SF, 1986
    19. New Beginnings – I-Beam, SF, 1986


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