Holiday Weekend Must-Binge: 'Bob's Burgers'

Memorial Day Weekend is usually time spent outdoors, but in case you're not the outdoors-type and prefer to use your time off binging a new show, why don't you check out Bob's Burgers?  A family of five that runs a burger joint with hijinks galore?  There's grilling involved, so it's almost like you're trying to partake in traditional Memorial Day activities!

Need more convincing to check out this show?  Check out clips from some of our favorite episodes below!   Once you're ready to binge, past seasons of Bob's Burgers are available on Netflix, and the current season is available on Hulu.



The one that started it all!  The Belcher Family is celebrating the "Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening" of their restaurant, Bob's Burgers, but Hugo, the health inspector and former fiancee of Linda Belcher, is threatening to shut down the place after a rumor is spread that Bob uses human remains to make his burgers.  The rumor in question was started by youngest child, Louise, in an attempt to show up a classmate during show-and-tell.  Did we mention there were hijinks galore?

Bob's Burgers S01E01 Best Bits

Funny moments from the first episode of Bob's Burgers (Pilot). Note: I do not own any of the rights. This video is made by me as a tribute to this hilarious show. [I'm still working on some of the audio issues.]


Sheesh!  Cab, Bob? (Season 1, Episode 6)

In an effort to make some extra money to throw Tina a special 13th birthday party, Bob starts driving a cab at night and makes friends with the local "ladies of the night," AKA: Transvestite hookers.  Tina, in preparation for her party, starts training for her first kiss with her crush Jimmy Jr., the son of rival restaurant owner Jimmy Pesto.

Bobs Burgers - Tina´s Wish

No Copyright Intended All rights reserved to FOX Bobs Burgers - Sheesh Cab Bob! Tina´s Birthday Wish- Kind of a Monologue


Bob Day Afternoon (Season 2, Episode 2)

There's a hostage situation at the bank across the street from Bob's Burgers, which is then taken over by the cops and used as their headquarters.  Bob, himself, gets involved in trying to deliver burgers to the bank in order to get the robber to release the hostages.  Like most things in Bob's life, things don't go as planned.

BOB'S BURGERS Preview 4 from 'Bob Day Afternoon' airing SUN 318

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Full Bars (Season 3, Episode 2)

Tina, Gene and Louise are embarking out on their own for the first time Trick-Or-Treating, but they're realizing their hometown residents aren't offering up good candy, so they decide to go to King's Head Island, where the local rich people live and give out full size candy bars.  (FYI:  Gene's Halloween costume is "Rapper/Actress Queen Latifah during her 'U.N.I.T.Y.' phase.)

BOB'S BURGERS - Rich People Are Better At Halloween from "Full Bars"

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