I'm Happy That 'Happy Chewbacca' Went Viral - Amy Brooks

Oh Thank God, after seeing this "Chewbacca Mom" laugh through her mask on Facebook, well I gotta say maybe there is hope for humanity.  And not simply because Candace Payne herself had this much fun and showed utter jubiliance over a Chewbacca mask, but that WE all did watching her.  

Some negative backlash has been posted (really people)...for example about this video being "annoying." Well if that's the sentiment, F- it then, y'all go on and annoy me then Candace!!

Like Robin Roberts said in her GMA interview with Happy Chewbacca, "this isn't the last we will be hearing from you." (interview below)

Thank you Candace for spreading your accidentally viral message of pure joy.


Here is the most viewed Facebook video ever!


Candace Payne | Facebook

It's the simple joys in life....

Chewbacca Mom LIVE on GMA

'Chewbacca Mom' Candace Payne, Live on 'GMA' | The woman behind the biggest Facebook Live video ever is in Times Square to discuss how her joyous laugh brought her super-viral status.