X Ambassadors Review And Photos.

Review and photos by Helena Akhtar Photo.
About eight months ago X Ambassadors were opening at the House of Blues, tonight they proved the main stage is where they belong. They started strong opening with 'Loveless,' a fast passed piano ballad with synth beats driving the tempo. Everywhere I looked people were moving, whether it was a group of guys or a couple out for the night. X Ambassadors is a band that's perfected creating music at a pace you can dance to. As the show went on, there were definitely some fan favorites like 'Jungle,' 'Renegades,' and 'Unsteady.' Every hand was up and you could barely hear the band over the voices of the crowd at some points.

You would never be able to tell this is a band that's been on tour for most of  the year, front man Sam Harris delivered strong vocals with an impressive range. Along with singing he also played multiple instruments throughout the set including saxophone, bass, guitar, and drums. Energy could be felt beaming from the stage with Sam using every section of the stage, even getting into the crowd. Older brother Casey, who was on keys, kept the moves going while guitarist Noah provided heavy rock solos. They closed the night with an encore of 'Unconsolable' and 'B.I.G.'

A big surprise came from opener Robert DeLong. At first I wasn't sure how an electronic artist would fit in the line up, but by the end of his set he had almost everyone dancing including myself. His songs consist of a lot of vocal and beat layovers recorded on stage. It was impressive to see him move between three different stations with keyboards, drums, vocals, and other synth equipment. I later realized I recognized his song 'Long Way Down' which has been stuck in my head ever since.