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'Game Of Thrones' Jon Snow Gets A Makeover (SPOILERS)

Well, this is sad. 

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IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE PREMIERE OF THIS SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES THEN STOP RIGHT NOW (and go watch it, because seriously, we can't baby you forever.)


For those of you who watch Game of Thrones just to stare at Jon Snow's luscious locks, in comes the makeover.

To sell the lie that Jon Snow was really dead, Kit Harrington had cut his hair, and the internet went into immense panic mode.

“I wanted to sell [the story that he was leaving the series] a bit more,” he shared with Entertainment Weekly. “I know this hairstyle this hair cut is very synonymous with the show. I know in the past I’d said I’d cut it off when I can. I wanted to appear with shorter hair straight away so it would sell the lie.”

Well it worked. The internet ran with it and the fact that Harrington had this sort of cut-gag-order on his hair, so when he cut it, we all believed Jon Snow was really dead.

(I still believed. Jon Snow always comes back.)

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