Pearl Jam's Tribute To Prince

Let's face it the music community is small. When talent meets talent they realize face to face the exclusive club they really are in.  So when one great is gone the survivors step aside and bow their heads to the late one's greatness.  It's truly a thing of beauty and over the past day, without Prince on earth, my heart has swollen in size after hearing tributes from Paul McCartney and Dave Navarro and Bruno Mars alike.

If you thought Prince was a great songwriter, performer, producer, musician and guitarist well, you are not alone check out what Eddie Vedder had to say at a show in South Carolina the same day Prince was found dead.

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam talked about Prince "light years" live at Columbia, SC on 04/21/16

R.I.P. to Prince

And here is Mike doing Purple Rain with the lights up...

Pearl Jam - Purple Rain Columbia SC 4/21/16 prince

Pearl Jam - Purple Rain Columbia SC 4/21/16 prince

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Pearl Jam cover "Purple Rain" in tribute to Prince, "the greatest guitar player we've ever seen" - watch

Pearl Jam paid tribute to Prince during their concert in Columbia, South Carolina on Thursday night. During their main set, the band performed "Even Flow", which Prince had previously covered live during a 2013 club gig in Minneapolis. Afterward, Eddie Vedder spoke of the musician's immense talents and the impact he had on the band.