Watch Woman Stuff Her Face With Pizza On The Kiss Cam

This would so be me.  Although this girl is obviously stuffing her face with pie on probably wouldn't be the case had I been the one in the background with an extra large cheese on my lap.  I'd be stuffing my face inadvertently because, frankly, I find eating to be a PIA.  I just want to eat and get it over with, so I can get my hands free again, so that I can talk some more, so that I can be mobile, and get on with my life.  Ya know?  So, I eat fast and I take huge bites.  Much like this demure pizza lover behind the couple who is selling their kiss big time on the "kiss cam" thing at the Celtics-Hawks playoff game last Tuesday night.



Pizza Girl on the Kisscam

This girl is in love with dominos on the Atlanta Hawks kisscam (4-19-16).