Lovers Of The 90's Rejoice! Summerland Is Back

Ahh the 90's. It was a great decade for alt/rock music let's face it.  Our parents may not think so but that just makes it all the sweeter.

Well, here's a summer show where you'll get to experience it all on historic Landsdowne at the House of Blues with a beverage and all of your nostalgic like-minded lovers of 90's rock. And for 3+ hours you'll forget that it's 2016.   Enter the Summerland Tour.


Every year Art Alexakis (this whole tour was conceived by him in 2012), finds notable bands to tour with his band that mark a not to be forgotten decade.  This summer, Everclear and Sugar Ray will again headline Summerland, which will also feature Lit and Sponge…making for another gratuitous hit-filled night of nostalgic 1990's songs at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

Tickets go on sale for their July 24th stop at the House of Blues Boston through Live Nation on Friday April 15th.

See you there.

-Amy Brooks

Just another perfectly done tongue and cheek song by Everclear, seething with sarcasm!

Some very early footage of Sugar Ray.  Nice Mullet Mark!

All you need is that first note and you know it's Plowed.