On The Bus With Brendon Urie - Amy Brooks

This is fun to revisit. He's charismatic, engaging, smart, caring, talented and boy is he loved.  I remember doing this interview on his tour bus 3 years ago when Panic at the Disco came to do a free live Radio 92.9 Concert at Copley Square. Inside the bus it was calm and quiet and he was so laid back, while outside it was absolute mayhem!  Fans were fluttering about like moths to a flame, pounding on the bus door, screaming his name.

During the show we on the Radio 92.9 staff were relegated to holding back the crush of PAD fans in front of the stage, which was no small task.  Some of our biggest guys were sure their life was in jeopardy, all because of the love for this band and especially their lead singer Brendon Urie.

Also, one year after this interview, I spoke at my old high school (Needham High - Go Rockets!) and at the end the kids had an opportunity to ask me questions.   And most were about my meeting with Brendon.  Love it.

Happy Birthday Brendon 🙂

Here's the interview.