It's All About Papi: Fenway's Opening Day 2016

Wow.  What a send off this guy is getting.  David Ortiz is retiring at the end of this season and the outpouring of love and appreciation that's been following him around since his big announcement to do so, gives me goosebumps and quite frankly, makes me want to sob into my Sox cap.

The ceremonies today began with the Red Sox asking fans to "imagine a world without David Ortiz", then played John Lennon's "Imagine" while showing highlights from Ortiz's career.

Oh my...pass the damn Kleenex.

Yeah, today was one for the books. This is Papi's last, first season opener at the ol' ballpark and it was a good one.  First up, Papi's daughter 15 year old Alex Ortiz, surprised her dad by singing the national anthem and sing it she did.  And to see him fighting back tears and flashing that undeniable smile, it was something to behold, a truly proud Papi...and of course having Big Papi cue the F16 fighter jets simply pushed our adrenaline out into the stratosphere.

Of course the icing on the ongoing Papi farewell tour cake was Bobby Orr, Ty Law and Bill Russell, ALL Boston sports legends from every corner of our professional teams, who did the honors of throwing out the first pitch with Papi.  And if Bobby, Ty and Bill were the icing then this grouping was the cherry on top...former teammates and members of that most famous 2004 world series championship team Pedro Martinez, Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek joined him to shout the ceremonial "Play Ball!"  And the crowd goes wild.

Pass the damn Kleenex.

And why wouldn't the crowd go berserk??  Hey, it's not just that it's Papi's last first Fenway game, it's not just that the rain out in Cleveland had the pitching order line up perfectly with our new ace David Price taking the mound today, it's not just that John Farrell is back and looking good after having to battle cancer in the off season.  No.  It's because this is baseball.  And we have the greatest ball park and the best fans in the entire league.  What fans turn out like this for a last place team??

papi price

David Price said recently that "Opening Day at Fenway is like a holiday".  Yes David, it's so much like one, it is one.  😉

-Amy Brooks