WATCH: John Popper Slays National Anthem On The Harp

I chose "slays" in this title for it's quite double meaning.  Good and bad.

Like it or not his abilities are pretty amazing.  I can't imagine playing hot crossed buns on the thing let alone this National Anthem improv on the harmonica.

But on Blues Traveler's Facebook page this was met with mixed reviews, not only because John Popper (a Libertarian) was playing a Bernie Sander's rally but because some feel the improv of it "ruins" our National Anthem.

So what do you think?

See for yourself- here is the big man John Popper's rendition of our National Anthem at a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle last week.

My thought is that he is a fantastic musician and that is how he wanted to play it.  No need to get our knickers in a twist.

-Amy Brooks