NEW: Amy's Pick Of The Week - The Lumineers "Ophelia"

Hard to believe it was 4 years ago almost to the day (April 3, 2012) when The Lumineers stunned us with a their self titled folk rock album that blurred musical boundaries and introduced us to "Ho Hey".   Four years ago.  And I was definitely on the "I really love this band" band wagon, it was a fresh change from all that was being released at the time and man did it ever became a huge hit and a timeless ear worm.

So I'm not wrong to call, Cleopatra, their sophomore album, long awaited.  They took their time writing and recording this one because of the fear of disappointment in trying to follow 'Ho Hey' etc.


Which is why lead singer Wesley Schultz calls this new track 'Ophelia' "a long, ominous march forward in step with 'Ho Hey.' "

Check it out - four years later, The Lumineers are back.  Here is "Ophelia" the first release from their album Cleopatra.

Available April 8th.