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March 27, 1992: U2 Buy Pizza For Everybody

On March 27, 1992 U2 rocked Detroit on their ZOOTV tour. This was a pretty memorable show as it would be forever known as the "pizzas for everybody" concert.

According to, the band was playing 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' when Bono saw an ad for pizza from 'Speedy Pizza', and decided to call in an order for delivery. He requested 10,000 pizzas to be delivered. Speedy Pizza said they would not be able to make that many, and ended up bringing 100 pizzas to the venue during the encore which they slung into the audience.

kitegirlpdx08 commented on U2's website with a first-hand account of the pizza delivery:

As this was my first U2 experience live, it was sensory overload in the best way possible. I had nosebleed seats, and still felt like I totally connected with the Band. When Bono ordered 10,000 pizzas for his "friends" it was hilarious,, but when pizza delivery boys appeared at the the end of the show with dolly's of pizza boxes which were flung out to the fans, it was brilliant:)

A fan named John got some of that pizza, and even kept the Speedy Pizza box. His account is here:

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